Smart Farming

Farming For All | Smart Way to Cultivate, helps you to monitor soil moisture levels, PH, temperature, humidity, light etc. in real-time by Smart Data Collector. Smart Irrigation Controller will allow you to start/stop the water motor on demand via mobile app and act as network gateway for data collector and send data to cloud application via Wifi network or GSM SIM. We are using long range radio frequency to communicate with the devices, low-power wireless platform fuelling Internet of Things (IoT) networks worldwide. Application data can be accessed on smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet with attractive dashboard. Farming For All will send you suggestion based on analytics through email, SMS or push notifications based on analysed data of our algorithm to help you to increase your yield, crop productivity and reduce the cost of production to save money and gain more profit.

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Smart Farming App

  • Reduce water consumption
  • Operate remotely
  • Digitize farming land
  • Maintain historical data
  • Plug-and-Play controller
  • Increase yield
  • 24x7 updates on farming field
  • Alerts and notification
  • Low cost green house automation
  • Access to agri input and agri experts
  • Founder's Interview with Circuit Digest

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